martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

Opera 10 RC y Fecha del lanzamiento final!

Ya está disponible para descargar la versión RC (Release Candidate o Candidato de Lanzamiento). Para descargarlo simplemente vayan a la barra derecha del blog y busquen el vinculo al RC. Y según se habla, la fecha final es el 1ro de Septiembre.

Entre las mejoras tenemos (en inglés):

Interfaz de Usuario:

  • New application icon
  • Fixed the new tab button on the sides
  • Various small Visual Tabs fixes
  • Fixed a BitTorrent crash
  • Fix to jumping up/down of the new tab button while on the sides
  • Fixed Bug DSK-195906 (Opera error page selects URL field when displayed, also when focus is already inside URL field)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257578 ("..." in site titles in some cases overlap the close button)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-258585 (Can't remove menu button when main menu is disabled): The menu button can be removed as any other toolbar button now (upgraders may have to reset the toolbar first)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-261205 (Strings don't fit in Preferences > Downloads [pl])
    Fixed Bug DSK-261206 (Strings don't fit in Preferences > Programs [pl])
  • Fixed Bug DSK-261757 (Missing "splitter" in bookmark split view)
    Fixed Bug DSK-261933 (Text cut off in startup dialog (Polish translation))
  • Fixed Bug DSK-261962 ("Reset Toolbar to Its Default" resets all toolbars, not just the current)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-262181 (Empty [dropdown widget] section added to custom shortcuts by update)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-262283 (Skin.ini section inconsistencies)



  • Various crash fixes
  • Fixed Bug CORE-19376 (Crash navigating history)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-23125 (Adding IFRAME with javascript: src through DOM adds history entry (Yandex))


Opera Mail

  • Fixed a crash
  • Fixed Bug DSK-245600 (Mail imported into account with no downloading of message bodies loses bodies)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-261035 (Crash when opening image attachments)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-261459 (Go to Unread View when requested, don't reuse a maximized mail view)


  • Crash Fix
  • Reverted Fix to Bug DSK-241262 (Error message when opening HTML files if Opera is not already running): This caused DSK-262363
  • Fixed Bug DSK-259756 (Installer removes icon pinned to the Windows 7 task bar)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260498 (The list of closed tabs needs clicks to be shown)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-262363 (Other programs using the http protocol to open websites in Opera just open blank page in Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-259743 (Closed tabs and new tab buttons have non-native looks in native skin)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-262120 (Panel selector buttons in Native skin get Standard style when not on the left)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-262272 (Closed tabs and new tab positioned incorrectly when tabbar is placed on left or right side)


  • Fixed Bug DSK-261726 (Closed Tabs button overlaps tabs when set to right or left and new tab button is disabled)


  • Fixed Bug DSK-259575 (Dead keys don't seem to work on widgets)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-250495 (Spell checking not working for some UNIX users)


Como siempre gracias por leer!

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